Thursday, November 16, 2006

Too Much Annie? - Linocut on BFK Rives paper

I hope there's not such a thing as "too much Annie", because I made several of these linocut prints (linoleum carvings), in blue, red, purple, and in between. They're about 7" square plus the paper margins. (Guess what her siblings are getting for Christmas? Nah...)

Friday, November 10, 2006

PEN ... and ink

This is a good time to bring up something that's been bugging me. I feel silly every time I type "pen and ink." I'd like to know who came up with that term. Pen and ink. Am I missing something? If you use a pen, doesn't it follow that you also use ink?

Anyway...I wish there was a career for doodlers. This is a pen and ink (don't want to confuse you) doodle I did a couple years ago. It's very small (surprise!), only 4x6", but I'd like to keep going until I have a section that I can turn into Christmas wrapping paper, if that can be done at a reasonable cost. I like how it undulates, but I get motion-sick if I look at it that way too long.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Titanic (monotype): or what's the difference between purple and violet?

I've always wondered whether there is a difference between purple and violet. I finally looked into it, and not just by checking my box of crayons. Purple is a group of colors that includes violet, violet is more red, and purple is more blue. That's just generally speaking. I know you want all the amazing details you can get your hands on, so here's the Wikipedia page on the subject.

This image is a monotype of the Titanic. It looks different than my others because I used a buff-yellow printmaking paper instead of white, and a layer of white ink under the dark ink. And I admit, to go with the "purple" theme, I added just a hint of violet color (using Photoshop).

Sometimes I prefer my "quick-draws" to the drawings I spend a lot of time on, because I don't get caught up in unnecessary details. I stopped working on this after about 45 minutes, deciding it was okay as it was. A highly detailed version might have taken three or more hours.