Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

After weeks studying and practicing the style of 1920's greeting card art (colorful, flowerly, idyllic scenery, and flat -- no dimension or shading), I've concocted and painted an entire scene from my own little brain.

Here is the first draft, without a background. I found I had limited my choices for a background color or pattern by drawing in the house and the line of the hill behind the couple. Ideas I had will no longer work for a background, unless I paint over the current one. Lesson learned! Plan first, paint second!

For the background, I wanted something different -- a geometric or graphic patterned background (something like the side panels), so the scene didn't look too realistic. I didn't want green grass and a blue sky. But guess what I did? Painted the grass green and the sky blue.

Well, that didn't look right at all. The green and blue were so mid-range that the man and woman disappeared. So I darkened the blue and green. Better, but now it looks like nighttime! Nighttime, with a parasol. Maybe she doesn't want to get a moon-burn.

But it's not too late, and I have a plan. I know some people won't like my plan, but I'm going back to the original geometric pattern idea. I'll post the final result later. First I need to find some ink or paint that will sit on top of the acrylic paint background.

Ta ta! (Or as Jody says, TTFN -- ta ta for now.)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Vintage Valentine

Here's yet another pen and ink drawing (with watercolor) I did yesterday during a cherished "Art Day" with my two pals Belinda and Victor. I used a 1920's Valentine's Day card to make this drawing, with just a few little changes. My husband's uncle gave the card to his wife in 1922 and we are lucky enough to be the current guardians of this and other magnificent cards from that era.
I'm enjoying this kind of ink and watercolor style so much that I just might focus on it for a while. Focusing on just one form of art should result in less clutter, both in my head and in my surroundings.
Redhead with Bluebird
Pen and ink and watercolor
6" x 4"