Wednesday, August 30, 2006

EDM Challenge #82 - Draw Your Art Work Space

This week's Every Day Matters challenge is to draw or paint your space where you do your artwork. I drew mine with ink and markers. It's a bit cartoon-ish, but that's the mood I was in! My space is bright yellows, purples, greens, pinks (especially) and all those beautiful colors we're supposed to have outgrown, so I enjoy them in my own room!

Monday, August 28, 2006

EDM Challenge #81 - Draw a Streetlight

For my Every Day Matters group, we are challenged to draw or paint a streetlight this week, Challenge #81. Mine is a pelican sitting on a lamppost on the Santa Barbara Pier. I took the photograph about two years ago, and painted it as soon as I got home, using soft pastels.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

EDM Challenge #80 - Draw Something You Love

This is Challenge #80 for my Every Day Matters Group, the subject is "Draw Something You Love," and I immediately thought of my cat, Andy. This is a drawing of Andy asleep on the couch, being drawn by me.

Here's the one of the sites for Every Day Matters:

Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Are What You Search

This is definitely off topic, but AOL apparently released to the public what search terms its users entered, and there's a funny article on the subject. (One search term was, "i hurt when i think too much i love roadtrips i hate my weight i fear being alone for the rest of my life".)

Here's the URL:

And while I'm here, I'll post a pen and ink drawing of the old casino at Avalon, on Catalina Island. It's still in my sketchbook, as you can see. I kinda like that frame. If you click on it, you'll get a larger version.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Three Monotypes and Class Ends...

Here's a monotype of an eccentric artist, Egon Schiele, a crazy dude. He lived only 28 years, dying from the flu epidemic in the early 1900's. The image part is 6x9".

Next is a drypoint etching of Joe's mother on the porch of Yellowstone's Lake Lodge. This was done by scratching an image into a clear plexiglass plate, spreading ink into the scratches, wiping the surface off, and printing it onto damp paper. (same size)

Finally, a drypoint etching of a fishing boat in Marina del Rey called the Mona Lisa. This one's larger, about 14" tall.

Today was the last day of this Printmaking class, but I'm taking a course that's basically the same, which starts in just 3 weeks! yay!

That was a really challenging, stimulating, satisfying class.
Can't wait to do it again. On the final day of class, we exchanged prints, so I got one print from every student in the class, and they got one from me. I'll post it later; ta ta for now.