Thursday, August 10, 2006

Three Monotypes and Class Ends...

Here's a monotype of an eccentric artist, Egon Schiele, a crazy dude. He lived only 28 years, dying from the flu epidemic in the early 1900's. The image part is 6x9".

Next is a drypoint etching of Joe's mother on the porch of Yellowstone's Lake Lodge. This was done by scratching an image into a clear plexiglass plate, spreading ink into the scratches, wiping the surface off, and printing it onto damp paper. (same size)

Finally, a drypoint etching of a fishing boat in Marina del Rey called the Mona Lisa. This one's larger, about 14" tall.

Today was the last day of this Printmaking class, but I'm taking a course that's basically the same, which starts in just 3 weeks! yay!

That was a really challenging, stimulating, satisfying class.
Can't wait to do it again. On the final day of class, we exchanged prints, so I got one print from every student in the class, and they got one from me. I'll post it later; ta ta for now.


kathy said...

hw great that you did an etching of Mom! & that egon schiele lookks kinda like webster

Nancy said...

He looks like somebody, but I can't decide who! And thanks for that sweet etch of Mom!

Janet said...

He's Egon Schiele, Nancy - he IS somebody! Well, he WAS somebody until he died long, long ago. Kathy said he reminded her of Webster. He kinda has that constipated look that some talking heads or news broadcasters have, ya know? :-)

Janet said...

NANCY AND KATHY: I plan to send both of you an etching of Anne because I made six or seven prints of it.