Thursday, July 06, 2006

Printmaking Class

I'm taking a summer school course called "Fundamentals of Printmaking" and thought I'd post a few of my projects. First is a monoprint: I rolled tacky black etching ink on the zinc plate, then removed varying amounts of ink to create the image and ran it through a printing press (with a roller that applies 1,700 pounds per square inch to print the image onto slightly damp paper). This is a 5x7" of my neice Emma with a walrus statue.

Below is a "ghost" (second) print of that same print, which I watercolored.

Next is a collograph: I took a stalk of grass and rolled paint over it, arranged it on a beveled plate and printed it. This one is 11x14" with a 2" border all around.

Next is a monoprint of my grandmother, circa 1940. This was popular in my class today! The print is 5"x7" but I gave it a wide 4" border all around.

And finally, a small blue monoprint - this time of three terns. This print is only 3"x4" plus the border.


bdelpesco said...

You did all this and you JUST STARTED printmaking???? Jeeeeepers-Creepers! Your work is beautiful, and inspiring. Make some more, and post it straight away so we can all see....(please?) :)

kathy said...

these are all cool but I like that plant the best!

Nancy said...

Your niece is gorgeous! I wonder who her mother is.

Jana Bouc said...

I really like the one of your grandmother! I've not tried print-making but these are really inspiring me to explore learning more about it!