Thursday, September 25, 2008

Verus Farnsworth, entertainer & grandmother

This is a graphite drawing of Verus Farnsworth, my husband's grandmother, in a promotional photograph for an upcoming show. Her family were actors, musicians and entertainers, traveling from theatre or tent to the next nearly a century ago.

Verus Farnsworth

14" x 11" (cropped)


Besides acting, Verus played the marimbas -- I've posted a photo below.

Isn't that a great pose?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brian Williams and tonight's news

Watching the evening news tonight, I got the urge to sketch the host Brian Williams with my new conte pencils -- in three Old Masters colors, plus the tan color of the paper. Brian has such an interesting face, very fun to sketch. While he and some members of the press appear to be interpreting Obama's lipsticked-pig comment in line with their political affiliations (biz as usual), I don't care what Obama subjectively meant. I think he should have chosen a different metaphor so people wouldn't have to decide whether it was a reference to Sarah Palin because of her lipstick riddle or a reference to change, as he now says. Sarah Palin was an obvious and natural connection to make and importantly, a mean-spirited reference, and he should have seen that. He should have seen that.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Glacier vacation

One of these days I may write a bit about our vacation to Glacier and Waterton National Parks in northern Montana and Alberta, Canada. At the moment I'm feeling overwhelmed by the number of photos I just uploaded to Flickr and tried to add descriptive captions to mountains and lakes whose names I have already forgotten.

The point is, the vacation photographs are up on Flickr for your perusal, or so you can say you did. Either way is fine. Once you're in (no "e"), my username is Flickring (no "e").
or, then go to the set called "Glacier National Park") .