Thursday, May 22, 2008

Original Linocut of 400-year-old Dutch tile

I just matted and framed this 5x5" print of "Marigolds," a linocut printed on BFF Rives printmaking paper. Below I've described the process I used.

(Frame not shown) I've been eyeing this old 1620's Dutch Delft tile image for a long time and finally used it for a linocut carving, which I printed on an etching press and then painted with Winsor & Newton watercolors added watercolors in shades of blue, gold, and green.

Below is the printed image before I adding added any watercolor. I printed it in a very dark green color, which gives a good, strong contrast to the paper and the watercolors.

Below is the finished plate of linoleum which I carved to the pattern of the tile and inked in a dark color (with a brayer/roller) so you can see the raised portions that would eventually print. This type of linoleum is called Battleship Gray, and can be purchased at most art supply stores. I buy mine online at DickBlick or Daniel Smith.

This was one of the more fun linocuts I've done -- a good kitchen print, I think!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Linocuts and Oil-Based Inks

May, 4" x 3", linocut
I used my little Blick tabletop etching press at home to print this linocut today. My access to the monster presses is limited to Fridays now, and I didn't need a giant press to print this little linocut. My press does a great job on small projects; I just don't like the clean-up fumes and mess I create at home after using an oil-based ink. And I haven't yet found a water-based ink that will stay moist while I'm printing even a small edition of prints, and give the coverage of an oil-based ink.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Santa Paula window bars

I loved the 1950s look of the bars on these windows and thought they deserved a 1950s color palette, so I added one but could not stop playing with it. I made dozens of different color combinations. Here are a couple more: