Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Linocuts and Oil-Based Inks

May, 4" x 3", linocut
I used my little Blick tabletop etching press at home to print this linocut today. My access to the monster presses is limited to Fridays now, and I didn't need a giant press to print this little linocut. My press does a great job on small projects; I just don't like the clean-up fumes and mess I create at home after using an oil-based ink. And I haven't yet found a water-based ink that will stay moist while I'm printing even a small edition of prints, and give the coverage of an oil-based ink.


Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Janet,

I love this. Glad you're working at home too.

I made the switch to Daniel Smith waterbased inks at home -- so much easier clean-up and no fumes. Yes they dry faster, but you get used to it and work in smaller batches. I consider the trade off worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there --
I have just been delighted by your marigolds!
Whether or not you will notice this comment, posted a good bit of time after you noted your dislike for using nasty solvents for cleaning-up after the use of oil-based inks....
Quite by accident, I discovered that mineral oil (yes, the stuff we used to consume when, in our long-ago childhood, we were bunged up!) makes an excellent solvent for oil-based inks. A couple of drops of it cleans not only my brayers, my glass plates, my cut blocks, but my hands as well.
Anyway, just a hint from an old man to someone who delighted him with the thought of marigolds. --claive --