Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Car!

My new baby, due tomorrow. A 2006 Nissan Murano, white with a tan interior. Sweet. Quiet. Strong. Joe's smitten too. After a five-year hiatus with Toyotas, I've gone back to Nissan. In 1980 I bought a new Datsun 280Z, which I had until 1988 when I got the red 300ZX; kept until the Toyota Solara in 2001. Toyota makes such an excellent car that I'm nervous making the switch. I could easily and happily have bought the Highlander. But there was something about that Murano. It's a quality car with good looks. At least I think so.

One quality worthy of mention is the Murano's continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) . It doesn't change gears, so you don't have that sensation you're used to as you accelerate. The CVT transmission has been used in Japan for over a decade, so I'm comfortable with it.

Tonight, in just a few minutes, we have another entertaining hour of American Idol auditions -- always a good time -- and then a new episode of LOST! Can't wait! That and a new car. How lucky am I?

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Nancy said...

Cool car! Gosh, you know everyone I know and like watches American Idol. I should watch too.

Darn children getting in the way. Oh, that reminds me to learn how to set the DVR, and then set it!