Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bookplates & Borders

I've finally found an appropriate vehicle for my pen & ink work: bookplates (this one says Ex Libris, but I usually write "From the Library Of"). Good idea, yes? Since they're small, bookplates also work well for small blockprints. Here's a pen & ink one.

And below is a "border" I drew for a note card. I draw these borders instead of doodling while on the phone, or if I have only a few minutes to draw. But since they're just borders, incomplete by their nature, I'm not sure what to do with them other than use them as note cards or stationery. For us detail-oriented people, they sure are perfect for nearly immediate gratification.

This one is called Nouveau. (I must take the time to think of better names.) Your initials will go in the middle circle.

It really must be printed on good paper, darling. Speaking of which, if you love paper products like I do (and lots of my friends do), then you know how delicious it is to write on nice quality, tactile paper and with a favorite pen. Second only to shopping for them. Someday I will open an art supply store, I tell ya! It's gonna happen.


Nancy said...

What's a bookplate?

(Tap tap)

Is this thing on?

Janet said...

You know those "From the Library of ...." labels that go inside the book's front cover? That's a bookplate. "Ex libris" is probably latin for "from the library of." They help you get your books back when you loan them out!