Sunday, April 16, 2006

Texanna Gro

This is an oil painting I painted from a photograph taken by my maternal grandmother in 1966. We're not sure where "Texanna Gro" was located, but presume it was in Texanna, Oklahoma, where she was born.
I did some finishing touches on this painting in a rec room at a senior citizens center, and the painting got a lot of unexpected attention from the seniors there. So many of them expressed how much it reminded them of an old country store they used to know. It seemed to evoke a lot of sentimental feelings. That made an already important image even more meaningful to me.

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Nancy said...

Yeah, it's evoking sentimental feelings in me too, or maybe I'm just feeling sentimental. No. I think it's your painting. It reminds me of being very, very hot and the smell of hay and horse manure for some reason.