Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pieces of Prints in April

I've got pieces of April
I keep them in a memory bouquet

- Best of Three Dog Night

I've got pieces of prints in a memory collage. Recently I decided to make handmade paper to print on. My printmaking professor (I'm calling him "Professor" in exchange for a good grade) had saved up lots of prints gone bad, which he had torn into tiny pieces, ready for papermaking. He let me take what I needed for my project. Some of the little printed pieces looked like little prints in themselves. So I culled some out and made this collage from them. I'm taking it to class tomorow to see if anyone recognizes any of the pieces.

And above is a woodcut I printed on beautiful Italian paper. There's so much groovy paper out there; it's hard to simply make a plain old black and white print.
Coming up next: a groovy black and white print or two.


vickileigh said...

I love this piece!

It is so refreshing and spring-like.

Yari said...

Beautiful, lovely print. A Complete masterpiece.

I would like to ask, is it advisable to buy a press? I saw one at Dickblick.com at a reasonable price.

Planet Janet said...

Thank you for the really kind comment. I'm so glad you liked the print. About a press, if you are only printing relief prints, meaning you're just rolling the ink over the surface of the plate, then you can use a $20 baren to print it. But if you're printing in intaglio, meaning you're rubbing ink into etched or incised areas of the plate, then you really do need to use a press.
Thanks again for the comment and good luck with your printmaking.