Thursday, November 08, 2007

Handmade Miniature Books

Handmade blank book, 2" H x 1-5/8" W
5/16" thick block of white paper pages

I am smitten by miniatures, paper, printmaking, pen & ink, bookplates, and books. Add them up and what do you get? Handmade miniature books. I've made two in the past week or so and both are posted here. The book above is tiny -- only two inches tall, about the size of the smallest Post-It Note pad. The one below is slightly larger -- three inches tall. To qualify as a true "miniature" book in the U.S., no side can be larger than three inches (some organizations permit sizes up to four inches).

Handmade Blank Book, 3" H x 2-5/8" W
Inside: Six hand-sewn signatures (sections) of 50 lb. recycled white paper;
Each signature includes a patterned sheet of paper that is
color-coordinated with the cover paper; bookmark ribbon

Next up: Miniature bookplates....


Julesbeth said...

These miniature books are gorgeous. A few years ago, someone gave my daughter a miniature book tree ornament. Every year as she takes it down from her tree, she writes a little summary of the holiday season just past. This year she is out of room; the book is full, and I'm looking everywhere for a replacement so that she can continue this tradition. If you have any idea where I might find one--or if you would like to make one and sell it to me!--please let me know. Meanwhile, congratulations on these lovely little items.

Planet Janet said...

I just bought an ornament on from the seller named TheCraftyKitten, so in case you're new to Etsy, you would go to www.thecraftykitten. If they aren't the kind you're looking for, I can certainly make you one. Just write back describing what you'd like. It would be fun. I will be posting more mini books to my etsy store ( so check back there too. Thanks for the compliments. The book entries sounds like a great family tradition!