Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life Drawing in Honor of Halloween

In honor of Halloween, I'm posting my homework from this week. It's the right hand as seen from a dog's point of view. The thumb is on the left; the large four bones are in the palm of the hand.

A while back I started taking a Figure Drawing class (aka Life Drawing) to help improve my drawing skills. It's so much fun! Mostly we use charcoal on large paper pads (18x24"), but also graphite, ink & brush, and other tools. It really loosens up the hand and arm to draw large.

Stabilo Carb-Othello pencils (brown, navy, white) on Strathmore Artists' Papers Charcoal Sheets (25" x 19") in Velvet Gray.


Anonymous said...

This is exquisite - and I like your Halloween image too.

I've cyber-tagged you. You can learn what that is and see if you want to participate at my blog - http://personaltreasures.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

thats a pose from stephen peck's anatomy for the artist book... you should probably credit him

Planet Janet said...

FYI - I drew this from a class handout where the homework assignment was to copy the image freehand, labels and all. I don't know where the teacher got the handout.