Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh boy, I'm on Etsy!

Due to popular demand (of my husband demanding I get rid of some of this clutter) I'm selling some of my handmade things on Etsy, an internet store. I need to do something with all this stuff I'm making, and my relatives must be getting sick of all the handouts. (Hey, wanna come over for a barbecue? Hey, while you're here, can I show you some stuff I've made? Hey, any chance you'd like some of these? Great - take as many as you want!) The stash is thereby minimized and I get to make more, giving me the only legitimate reason to continue the hobby.

But how many handmade cards can my sisters-in-law need? And my mother long ago started politely declining my offers ("I just don't need any more cards, dear, I have plenty, really") -- it must be Depression-era thinking, you know, as I'm not familiar with the concept of having "plenty" of anything.

So in steps to the rescue, to perpetuate my hobby, my #1 entertainment, my joie de vivre. Etsy isn't an auction site like eBay, and everything has to be handmade. You just open a store (i.e., give them a credit card number) and pick a user name) post an item and hope someone buys it (or sees it, actually - the hard part is that you're one anchovy in an ocean full of anchovies, trout, and whales).

So check out Etsy if you're so inclined. My store name is "PlanetJanet" (cute, huh?), and the URL is, or click on one of the blue links I just gave you, but remember the name because it's not user-friendly in that way. And if you're a relative or friend or just want to be, come by the house, sort through the stash, and avoid shipping fees!

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Sheri said...

Good for you, being on Etsy. Thanks for the description. I had seen the name many times before and was wondering about it. Good luck with your cards!