Friday, November 18, 2005

First Post!

Well, hello there! And welcome. Today marks the beginning of an exciting commitment I have decided to undertake: this blog. I consider blogging a really cool hobby because it's still pretty obscure, and like another of my quirky pasttimes, geocaching (that's a cache to the left), none of my friends do it, and some of them won't know what it is.

I like that. I like having something interesting to tell my brilliant friends about--friends whose lives are quite full and interesting themselves. For example, my friend "R" (privacy, you know...) trains to jump horses, and lives among the way-upper class in Malibu--she teaches me all sorts of things about horses and always has a good celebrity or Malibu housewives story to tell. My friend "H" is still practicing law, unlike "R" and me, and has good legal and family dramas to tell with her wickedly dry sense of humor. "J" is a temporarily displaced Boulder hippie who is back in school for her "interior architect" degree, taking design and art classes that I love to hear about. I also enjoy hearing her rag on the overdressed, cleavage-exposing, high-heeled women she thinks dominate this area. They're all so much fun. So you see, I want to be interesting to my interesting friends.

Computer technology is moving so fast I can barely keep up. I used to be computer-savvy, having bought my first computer in about 1981. Five years prior to that, the computer at my employer's office took up an entire, freezing-cold room. Now,, just two decades later, I'll be able to read these very words on a wireless, handheld computer while sipping a venti-nonfat-no foam-cafe-latte at Starbuck's (I added that detail for Dad's sake, who still gets a kick out of Starbuck's drink names, the longer the better). And the handheld will do far more than the room-sized computer ever did.

My 1980's PC (see photo) was a $1,000 Sanyo MBC-555 with two 5-1/4" floppy disk drives, one for the software program (like the old word processing program called WordStar) and one for the data storage. Two drives, to avoid having to switch out the software and data disks each time you save or print your data.

So here we go, off on a new adventure. I love it!


R said...

Love your new blog! While I think it's a fantastic new venture, I've always thought you've brought many interesting ideas to the table -- your gripping explanation of string theory, for example. Tell your dad my standard order is a grande, nonfat, two-equal, half-decaf latte. I taught Marisa to go in and order that for me by the time she was 6. "R"

Anonymous said...

My Starbucks drink is a grande sugar-free hazelnut nonfat no foam latte ... love the blog ... RW

Nancy said...

I'm partial to grande latte's--mmmm...fills me up, but I almost only order tall nonfat lattes. Alas, alas.

Anonymous said...

i'm concerned that there is not enough annie art. is it just me?