Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lei River Silk paper and the Fresno State/USC game...

Ever tried watercolor painting on Lei River Silk paper? Sorry, silk paper people, but I really hated it. It's nothing like silk fabric. More like painting on a beige paper napkin. I must be doing something wrong. Research time.

But I did finish this abstract yesterday, on 140 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper. A 9"x12" first effort at a particular style I'm going for. I did not capture the style at all, but I don't mind the look. Maybe tomorrow I'll put a bit more work into it.

I'm bummed that USC won its football game against Fresno State. But Fresno gave them a good time, didn't they? My friend Candace's nephew is an offensive tackle for Fresno State (Piligian, #75), and for his family's sake, and because I'm a UCLA fan, I wanted Fresno to win. Why UCLA? Because if you live here in L.A., you can't be a USC fan and a UCLA fan.

As an L.A. native, I can state that UCLA is considered the laid-back, beachy, Westside team, and USC has the privileged, snobby kids (sorry, but it is an expensive private school!). I grew up understanding these as truisms.

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